2017 was an incredible year for the cyber security industry. With attacks reaching ever higher numbers and increasing levels of innovation, there seems to be no stop to the cat and mouse game taking place between threat actors and security experts.

In our H2 2017 Global Threat Intelligence Trends Report, we reveal that cyber-criminals are increasingly turning to cryptominers to develop illegal revenue streams, while ransomware and ‘malvertising’ adware continue to impact organizations worldwide.

Based on data drawn from Check Point’s ThreatCloud intelligence between July and December 2017, the H2 2017 Global Threat Intelligence Trends Report gives a detailed overview of the cyber-threat landscape in the top malware categories – ransomware, banking and mobile. It also highlights the key tactics cyber-criminals are using to attack businesses.

Report highlights include:

  • An increase in the use of Cryptocurrency Miners.
  • A decrease in exploit kits.
  • An increase in scam operations and Malspam.
  • The Mobile malware trend towards enterprises.

For more insights and trends, download the full H2 2017 Global Threat Intelligence Trends Report.