SimBad: A Rogue Adware Campaign On Google Play

March 13, 2019

Research by: Elena Root and Andrey Polkovnichenko


Check Point researchers from the Mobile Threat Team have discovered a new adware campaign on the Google Play Store. This particular strain of Adware was found in 206 applications, and the combined download count has reached almost 150 million. Google was swiftly notified and removed the infected applications from the Google Play Store.


Inside the SDK

The malware resides within the ‘RXDrioder’ Software Development Kit (SDK), which is provided by ‘addroider[.]com’ as an ad-related SDK. We believe the developers were scammed to use this malicious SDK, unaware of its content, leading to the fact that this campaign was not targeting a specific county or developed by the same developer. The malware has been dubbed ‘SimBad’ due to the fact that a large portion of the infected applications are simulator games.


The Infection Chain

Once the user downloads and installs one of the infected applications, ‘SimBad’ registers itself to the ‘BOOT_COMPLETE’ and ‘USER_PRESENT’ intents, which lets ‘SimBad’ to perform actions after the device has finished booting and while the user is using his device respectively.

After installation, the malware connects to the designated Command and Control (C&C) server, and receives a command to perform. ‘SimBad’ comes with a respected list of capabilities on the user’s device, such as removing the icon from the launcher, thus making it harder for the user to uninstall, start to display background ads and open a browser with a given URL.

Fig 1: A list of the possible commands from the C&C server

Fig 2: Code that hides the application’s Icon to make it harder to remove



Fig 3: The code that starts the background ads


What Does SimBad Do?

‘SimBad’ has capabilities that can be divided into three groups – Show Ads, Phishing, and Exposure to other applications. With the capability to open a given URL in a browser, the actor behind ‘SimBad’ can generate phishing pages for multiple platforms and open them in a browser, thus performing spear-phishing attacks on the user.

With the capability to open market applications, such as Google Play and 9Apps, with a specific keyword search or even a single application’s page, the actor can gain exposure for other threat actors and increase his profits. The actor can even take his malicious activities to the next level by installing a remote application from a designated server, thus allowing him to install new malware once it is required.

Fig 4: An illustration of the attack vector


The C&C Server

The C&C server observed in this campaign is ‘www[.]’. This server runs an instance of ‘Parse Server’ (source on GitHub), an open source version of the Parse Backend infrastructure, which is a model for providing web app and mobile app developers with a way to link their applications to backend cloud storage and APIs exposed by back-end applications, while also providing features such as user management, push notifications and more.

The domain ‘addroider[.]com’ was registered via GoDaddy, and uses privacy protection service. While accessing the domain from a browser you get a login page very similar to other malware panels. The ‘Register’ and ‘Sign Up’ links are broken and ‘redirects’ the user back to the login page.

Fig 5: The login page of the domain


Fig 6: The WhoIS information on RiskIQ’s PassiveTotal


According to RiskIQ’s PassiveTotal, the domain expired 7 months ago. As a result, it may be that are looking into a compromised, parked domain that was initially used legitimately, but is now participating in malicious activities.


Our Take

With the capabilities of showing out-of-scope ads, exposing the user to other applications, and opening a URL in a browser, ‘SimBad’ acts now as an Adware, but already has the infrastructure to evolve into a much larger threat.


Appendix 1 – List of Infected Applications:

Package Name App Name # Installs
com.heavy.excavator.simulator.driveandtransport Snow Heavy Excavator Simulator 10,000,000 Hoverboard Racing 5,000,000 Real Tractor Farming Simulator 5,000,000
com.ambulancerescue.driving.simulator Ambulance Rescue Driving 5,000,000
com.heavymountain.bus2018simulator Heavy Mountain Bus Simulator 2018 5,000,000
com.firetruckemergency.driver Fire Truck Emergency Driver 5,000,000
com.farming.tractor.realharvest.simulator Farming Tractor Real Harvest Simulator 5,000,000
com.carparking.challenge.parksimulator Car Parking Challenge 5,000,000 Speed Boat Jet Ski Racing 5,000,000 Water Surfing Car Stunt 5,000,000
com.offroad.woodtransport.truckdriver Offroad Wood Transport Truck Driver 2018 5,000,000
com.volumen.booster.equalizer Volumen booster & Equalizer 5,000,000 Prado Parking Adventure 5,000,000
com.zg.offroad.Oil.tanker.transporter.truck.cargo.simulator Oil Tanker Transport Truck Driver 5,000,000
com.monstertruck.demolition Monster Truck Demolition 1,000,000
com.hummerlimotaxi.simulator.driving Hummer taxi limo simulator 1,000,000
com.excavator.wreckingball.demolition.simulator Excavator Wrecking Ball Demolition Simulator 1,000,000 Offroad Gold Transport Truck Driver 2018 1,000,000
com.sea.animals.trucktransport.simulator Sea Animals Truck Transport Simulator 1,000,000
com.water.surfingrace.motorbike.stunt Water Surfing Motorbike Stunt 1,000,000
com.policechase.thiefpersecution Police Chase 1,000,000 Police Plane Transporter 1,000,000
com.ambulance.driver.extreme.rescue.simulator Ambulance Driver Extreme Rescue 1,000,000
com.hovercraftracer.speedracing.boat Hovercraft Racer 1,000,000 Cars Transport Truck Driver 2018 1,000,000 Motorbike Pizza Delivery 1,000,000
com.heavy.excavator.stonecutter.simulator Heavy Excavator – Stone Cutter Simulator 1,000,000 Bottle shoot archery 1,000,000 Offroad buggy car racing 1,000,000 Garbage Truck – City trash cleaning simulator 1,000,000
com.tanks.attack.simulator.war.attack Tanks Attack 1,000,000
com.dinosaurpark.trainrescue Dinosaur Park – Train Rescue 1,000,000
com.pirateshipboat.racing3d.simulator Pirate Ship Boat Racing 3D 1,000,000
com.flyingtaxi.simulator.race Flying taxi simulator 1,000,000
com.jetpackinwater.racersimualtor.danger Jetpack Water 1,000,000
com.boostervolumen.amplifiersoundandvolumen Volumen Booster 1,000,000
com.farmgames.animal.farming.simulator Animal Farming Simulator 1,000,000 Monster Truck 1,000,000 Offroad jeep car racing 1,000,000 Flying Car Stunts On Extreme Tracks 1,000,000
com.simulator.tractorfarming.driving Tractor Farming 2018 1,000,000
com.impossible.farming.transport.simulator Impossible Farming Transport Simulator 1,000,000
com.volumenbooster.equalizerboost Volumen Booster 1,000,000
com.mustang.rally.championship.racingsimulator Mustang Rally Championship 1,000,000 Deleted Photo Recovery 1,000,000
com.race.boat.speedy Speed Boat Racing 1,000,000 Super Cycle Jungle Rider 1,000,000 My name on Live Wallpaper 1,000,000 Magical Unicorn Dash 1,000,000
com.grafton.cycle.jungle.rider.race Super Cycle Jungle Rider 1,000,000
com.lovecallingapps.lovecaller.Screen Love Caller Screen 1,000,000 Racing Car Stunts On Impossible Tracks 1,000,000
com.citycar.funny.racinggame.stunt.simulator Racing Car Stunts On Impossible Tracks 2 1,000,000 Urban Limo Taxi Simulator 1,000,000 Tractor Farming Simulator 1,000,000 Camper Van Driving 1,000,000
com.bootleshoot.sniper Bottle Shoot Sniper 3D 1,000,000 Full Screen Incoming Call 1,000,000
com.mustache.beard.editor Beard mustache hairstyle changer Editor 1,000,000
com.volumenbooster.increaservolumen Volumen Booster 1,000,000
com.photoeditor.girlfriend.addgirlstophoto.pic girlfriend photo editor 1,000,000 Mobile Number Tracker & Locator 1,000,000 Garden Photo Editor 1,000,000 Fortune Wheel 1,000,000
com.farming.transport.tractor.simulator Farming Transport Simulator 2018 1,000,000
com.offroad.tractor.transport.drivingsimulator OffRoad Tractor Transport 1,000,000
com.customwallpaper.mynameonlivewallpaper my name on live wallpaper 1,000,000
com.flying.ambulance.emergency.rescue.simulator Flying Ambulance Emergency Rescue 500,000 Mustang Driving Car Race 500,000
com.waterpark.carracing.simulator Waterpark Car Racing 500,000
com.impossibletrucks.extremetrucks.simulator Impossible Tracks – Extreme Trucks 500,000
com.extreme.flying.motorbike.stuntsimulator Flying Motorbike Stunts 500,000
com.emergency.firetruck.rescue.drivingsimulator Fire Truck Emergency Rescue – Driving Simulator 500,000
com.snowplow.simulator.heavysnow.excavator Heavy Snow Excavator Snowplow Simulator 500,000 Water Skiing 500,000
com.photomaker.editor.women.makeupandhairstyle Women Make Up and Hairstyle Photo Maker 500,000
com.fortune.mountain Mountain Bus Simulator 500,000
com.vanpizza.truckdelivery.simulator Van Pizza 500,000
com.truck.simulator.transportandparking Truck Transport and Parking Simulator 500,000 Hoverboard Racing Spider Attack 500,000 Motorsport Race Championship 500,000
com.demolitionderby.simulator Demolition Derby 500,000 Love Caller with love ringtones 500,000 House Transport Truck – Moving Van Simulator 500,000
com.heavy.excavator.simulator.stonedriller Heavy Excavator Stone Driller Simulator 500,000 Super Cycle Downhill Rider 500,000
com.extreme.rallychampionship.race Extreme Rally Championship 500,000 Missile Attack Army Truck 500,000 Caller Location & Mobile Location Tracker 500,000
com.mobilenumberlocator.tracker Mobile number locator 500,000
com.mynameonlivewallpaper.animated.hd My name on Live Wallpaper 500,000 City Metro Bus Pk Driver Simulator 2017 500,000 Full Screen Incoming Call 500,000 Man Casual Shirt Photo Suit 500,000 American muscle car race 500,000
com.offroad.nuclearwastetransport.truckdriver Offroad Nuclear Waste Transport – Truck Driver 500,000 Mad Cars Fury Racing 100,000
com.high.wheeler.speed.race.championship High Wheeler Speed Race 100,000 Number Coloring 100,000 Camper Van Race Driving Simulator 2018 100,000
com.unicornfloat.speedrace.simulator Unicorn Float – Speed Race 100,000
com.dualscreenbrowser Dual Screen Browser 100,000
com.harvest.timber.simulatorandtransport Harvest Timber Simulator 100,000 Hot Micro Racers 100,000
com.lara.unicorn.dash.magical.raider.race Lara Unicorn Dash 100,000
com.wingsuit.simulator.extreme Wingsuit Simulator 100,000
com.foodtruck.driving.simulator Food Truck Driving Simulator 100,000
com.dograce.competition Dog Race Simulator 100,000 SUV car – parking simulator 100,000
com.clap.phonefinder.locator Phone Finder 100,000
com.phonenumerlocator.findphonenumbers Phone number locator 100,000
com.whatsapplock.gallerylock.ninexsoftech.lock Gallery Lock 100,000
com.secret.screenrecorder.screenshotrecord Secret screen recorder 100,000 Face Beauty Makeup 100,000 Christmas letters to santa and three wise man 100,000 Deleted Files recovery 100,000 Dual Screen Browser 100,000 Broken Screen – Cracked Screen 100,000
photoeditor.Garden.photoframe Garden Photo Editor 100,000
com.modiphotoframe.editor Modi Photo Frame 2 100,000
com.callerscreen.lovecaller Love Caller Screen 100,000
com.antitheftalarm.fullbatteryalarm.sound Anti Theft & Full Battery Alarm 100,000
com.lovecaller.screen.custom Love Caller Screen 2 100,000
com.sms.message.voice.reading Voice reading for SMS. Whatsapp & text sms 100,000 Name on Pic-Name art 100,000
com.mtsfreegames.Speedboatracing Speed Boat Racing 100,000
com.simulator.traindriving Train Driving Simulator 100,000
com.grafton.Cycle.jungle.rider Super Cycle Rider 100,000 Racing Horse Championship 3D 100,000
moveapptosd.tosdcard.freeapp Move App To SD Card 2016 100,000
com.avatarmaker.poptoy.creator Pop Toy Creator 100,000 Photo Live Wallpaper 50,000 Magical Unicorn Dash 50,000
com.truck.wheelofdeath Truck Wheel of Death 50,000
com.livetranslator.translateinlive Live Translator 50,000
com.volumecontrol.widget.volumebooster Volume Control Widget 50,000
com.worldcup2018football.shirt.maker.photoeditor World cup 2018 football shirt maker 50,000
com.girlfriendphotoeditor.girlsinyourphoto Girlfriend Photo Editor 2 50,000 My Photo on Music Player 50,000
com.taxidriving.simulatorgame.race taxi 50,000 Garden Photo Editor 50,000
com.fortunewheel.deluxe Fortune Wheel Deluxe 50,000
com.motorcycle.extremeracing.simulator Extreme Motorcycle Racer 50,000 Offroad Snow Bike – Christmas Racing 50,000
com.Droidhermes.bottleninja Bottle Shoot 50,000
com.Hadiikhiya.photochangebackground Photo Background Changer 2017 50,000 Offroad Christmas Tree Transport 50,000
com.tank.transport.armytruck.simulator Tank Transport Army Truck 50,000
com.flagteams.facepaint.editor.world2018cup Flag face paint: World Cup 2018 10,000
com.russianworld2018cup.livewallpaper.flagsteam World Cup 2018 Teams Flags Live Wallpaper 10,000 Selfie Camera 10,000
com.desirepk.Offroad.transport.simulator.apps Missile Attack Army Truck 10,000
massimo.Vidlan.maxplayer Max Player 10,000
com.flashalerts.callandsms Flash Alert – Flash on Call 10,000
com.photovideo.maker.withmusic Photo Video Maker with Music 10,000
com.braingames.iqtest.skills Brain Games & IQ Test 10,000 Audio Video Mixer 10,000
com.poptoy.creator.edityourpoptoy Pop Toy Creator 2 10,000
com.flashalert.callandsms Flash on Call and SMS 10,000
com.photoframe.of.heart Heart Photo Frames 10,000 Shayari 2017 10,000 Photo on Birthday Cake 10,000
com.photoeditor.nature.photoframes Nature Photo Frames 10,000
com.photoframe.calendar2018editor Calendar 2018 Photo Frame 10,000 Christmas Truck Transport Simulator 10,000 Modern Santa – Christmas van drive 10,000 Change your voice 10,000
com.monsters.vs.water.duel Moster vs Water 10,000 EDIT Flowers Photo Frames 10,000
videoeditor.musicvideo.Phototovideomaker.videoeditor Photo Video Maker with Music 10,000 Toilet Paper Race 10,000
com.Zv.puppiesdog.racegame Dog Crazy Race Simulator 10,000 Luxury Photo Frame 10,000 Bike Wheel of Death 10,000 World Famous Photo Frames 10,000 Heavy Snow Excavator Christmas Rescue 10,000 Deleted Files Recovery 10,000
com.footballanalyzer.resultsandstats Football Results & Stats Analyzer 5,000 3D Photo Frame Cube Live Wallpaper 5,000
com.photoframe.geenhill Green Hill PhotoFrame 5,000 Christmas Magic Board 5,000 Animal Parts Photo Editor 5,000 DSLR Camera Blur 5,000 Car Photo Frame 5,000 Hands Slap Game 5,000 4D Maa Durga Live Wallpaper 5,000 Men Sweatshirt Photo Editor 1,000
com.wordsgame.connectletters Connect Letters. Words Game 1,000 Recover Deleted Pictures 1,000 Custom Radio Alarm Clock 1,000
com.antispamcalls.blockspamcaller Anti-spam Calls 1,000
com.compatibilitytest.friends.couples Compatibility Test 1,000 Dual Screen Browser 1,000
com.magic.glow.livewallpaper.animatedwallpaper Magic Glow Live Wallpaper 1,000 Porgy Virtual Pet 1,000
com.explosiongame.taptheball Tap the Ball 1,000 Clock Live Wallpaper 1,000
com.royalestas.information Royale Stats 1,000 Fire text photo frame 1,000 Christmas greetings card 1,000 Best App Lock 1,000
com.DJ.photoframe.editor DJ Photo Frames 1,000
com.autocall.redial.automatic.recall Auto Call redial 500 Guess the picture 500 ProfesionalRecorder 500





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