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Malware Spotlight: Camaro Dragon’s TinyNote Backdoor

June 1, 2023

Executive summary Since early January 2023, there has been a notable surge in activity targeting European foreign affairs entities ...

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Agrius Deploys Moneybird in Targeted Attacks Against Israeli Organizations

May 24, 2023

Key Points Iranian threat actor Agrius continues to operate against Israeli targets, masking destructive influence operations as ...

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Cloud-Based Malware Delivery: The Evolution of GuLoader

May 22, 2023

Key takeaways GuLoader is a prominent shellcode-based downloader that has been used in a large number of attacks to deliver a ...

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The Dragon Who Sold His Camaro: Analyzing Custom Router Implant

May 16, 2023

Research by: Itay Cohen, Radoslaw Madej, and the Threat Intelligence Team Over the past few months, Check Point Research has closely ...

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