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How to de-obfuscate a huge AutoIT script in less than two minutes

March 11, 2020

Imagine this scenario: you’re researching a malware sample which starts its execution with unpacking the archive (usually RAR or ZIP one) which ...

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The Road to Qualcomm TrustZone Apps Fuzzing

November 14, 2019

Research By: Slava Makkaveev Trusted Execution Environment TrustZone is a security extension integrated by ARM into the Corex-A processor. ...

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Labeless Part 6: How to Resolve Obfuscated API Calls in the Ngioweb Proxy Malware

October 3, 2018

In this part we show how to deal with obfuscated Windows API calls in Ngioweb malware using Labeless and x64dbg without reconstructing ...

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Labeless Part 5: How to Decrypt Strings in Boleto Banking Malware Without Reconstructing Decryption Algorithm.

In this part we show how to decrypt strings present in the module of Boleto malware – without reconstructing the decryption algorithm. If ...

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