Mid-Year Attack Trends Report Reveals A 29% Increase In Cyberattacks Against Organizations Globally

July 29, 2021

‘Cyber Attack Trends: 2021 Mid-Year Report’ uncovers how cybercriminals have continued to exploit the Covid-19 pandemic and highlights a dramatic global 93% increase in the number of ransomware attacks

  • EMEA: organizations experienced a 36% increase in cyber-attacks since the beginning of the year, with 777 weekly attacks per organization
  • USA: 17% increase in cyber-attacks since the beginning of the year, with 443 weekly attacks per organization
  • APAC: 13% increase in cyber-attacks on organizations since the beginning of the year, with 1338 weekly attacks per organization

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In the first six months of 2021, the global rollout of COVID-19 vaccines gave hope that we will be able to live without restrictions at some point—but for a majority of organizations internationally, a return to pre-pandemic ‘norms’ is still some way off. The enforced shift to remote working in March 2020 undoubtedly fast-forwarded ‘digital transformation’ and brought with it many benefits to our working lives. As such, the first half of 2021 has seen organizations commit to a continuous hybrid model. However, cyber criminals have continued to adapt their working practices in order to exploit this shift, targeting organizations’ supply chains and network links to partners in order to achieve maximum disruption. This year, we have seen a huge global increase in the number of ransomware attacks, with high-profile incidents such as the attacks on Colonial Pipeline and JBS making world headlines. And while the ‘Double Extortion’ ransomware strategy proved popular in 2020, this year’s surge in attacks has brought to light a worrying new threat—that of Triple Extortion.

Highlights of the ‘Check Point Cyber Attack Trends Mid-Year report 2021’ include:

  • Global increase in cyberattacks
  • The emergence of triple extortion ransomware
  • The SolarWinds fall-out
  • Colonial Pipeline attack
  • The Kaseya Incident- Combining supply-chain and ransomware exploits
  • H2 2021-What to expect and what to do

We will address these effects and more aspects of the threat landscape, while providing examples and statistics of real world events.




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