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From Hidden Bee to Rhadamanthys – The Evolution of Custom Executable Formats

August 31, 2023

Research by: hasherezade Highlights Rhadamanthys stealer’s design and implementation significantly overlap with those ...

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Tunnel Warfare: Exposing DNS Tunneling Campaigns using Generative Models – CoinLoader Case Study

August 24, 2023

Introduction Generative AI has been around for nearly a decade, strictly speaking, but the recent boom in this technology has inspired ...

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2023 Mid-Year Cyber Security Report: Report Reveals 48 Ransomware Groups Have Breached Over 2,200 Victims

August 23, 2023

Old meets New as USB Devices and Artificial Intelligence are Exploited by Cybercriminals The world of cybersecurity is constantly ...

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The Rhysida Ransomware: Activity Analysis and Ties to Vice Society

August 8, 2023

Introduction The Rhysida ransomware group was first revealed in May this year, and since then has been linked to several impactful ...