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Ethereum’s CREATE2: A Double-Edged Sword in Blockchain Security

March 18, 2024

By Oded Vanunu, Dikla Barda, Roman Zaikin Ethereum's CREATE2 function is being exploited by attackers to compromise the security of ...

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Magnet Goblin Targets Publicly Facing Servers Using 1-Day Vulnerabilities

March 8, 2024

Key Points Magnet Goblin is a financially motivated threat actor that quickly adopts and leverages 1-day vulnerabilities in ...

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2024’s Cyber Battleground Unveiled: Escalating Ransomware Epidemic, the Evolution of Cyber Warfare Tactics and strategic use of AI in defense – Insights from Check Point’s Latest Security Report

February 21, 2024

Key Takeaways: ·        Rising Threats: Cybersecurity landscape faces an unprecedented surge in ...

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The Risks of the #MonikerLink Bug in Microsoft Outlook and the Big Picture

February 14, 2024

Introduction Recently, Check Point Research released a white paper titled “ The Obvious, the Normal, and the Advanced: A ...