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The Blitz Tutorial Lab on Fuzzing with AFL++

March 6, 2023

Introduction To paraphrase a famous quote by Pete Cordell, telling an infosec enthusiast there's already a tutorial on how to do X is ...

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Operation Silent Watch: Desktop Surveillance in Azerbaijan and Armenia

February 16, 2023

Executive summary Amid rising tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the Lachin corridor in late 2022, Check Point Research ...

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2023 Security Report: Cyberattacks reach an all-time high in response to geo-political conflict, and the rise of ‘disruption and destruction’ malware

February 8, 2023

The 2023 Security Report is reflecting on a chaotic year in cybersecurity. The report looks back on a tumultuous 2022, which saw cyberattacks ...

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Following the Scent of TrickGate: 6-Year-Old Packer Used to Deploy the Most Wanted Malware

January 30, 2023

Research by: Arie Olshtein Executive summary Initially observed in July 2016, TrickGate is a shellcode-based packer ...