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Guarding Against the Unseen: Investigating a Stealthy Remcos Malware Attack on Colombian Firms

September 12, 2023

Research by: Niv Asraf Abstract In the last two months, Check Point researchers encountered a new large-scale phishing ...

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Elections Spotlight: Generative AI and Deep Fakes

September 5, 2023

Research by:  Yoav Arad Pinkas Executive Summary Since it burst on the scene just a short time ago, AI has impacted many ...

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From Hidden Bee to Rhadamanthys – The Evolution of Custom Executable Formats

August 31, 2023

Research by: hasherezade Highlights Rhadamanthys stealer’s design and implementation significantly overlap with those ...

  • Check Point Research Publications

Tunnel Warfare: Exposing DNS Tunneling Campaigns using Generative Models – CoinLoader Case Study

August 24, 2023

Introduction Generative AI has been around for nearly a decade, strictly speaking, but the recent boom in this technology has inspired ...