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BYOS – Bundle Your Own Stealer

July 19, 2023

Highlights: Check Point Research (CPR) provides an in-depth analysis of the new malware strain dubbed BundleBot spreading under ...

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Major Security Flaws in Popular QuickBlox Chat and Video Framework Expose Sensitive Data of Millions

July 12, 2023

Executive Summary Team82 and Check Point Research (CPR) collaborated to look at the security of the popular QuickBlox software ...

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Chinese Threat Actors Targeting Europe in SmugX Campaign

July 3, 2023

Introduction In the last couple of months, Check Point Research (CPR) has been tracking the activity of a Chinese threat actor ...

  • Check Point Research Publications

Beyond the Horizon: Traveling the World on Camaro Dragon’s USB Flash Drives

June 22, 2023

Executive summary In early 2023, the Check Point Incident Response Team (CPIRT) team investigated a malware incident at a European ...